Plenty of things in life are out of our control – accidents, disasters, lawsuits etc. Whatever situation you’re facing, having extra coverage can provide you with the help and financial support you need. That’s what commercial umbrella insurance provides small business owners in Phoenix.

Do You Need One?

You may think your primary insurance policies are enough. But if an accident happens, will your general liability coverage be able to cover all the costs and expenses? By the time an accident happens, it would be too late to do anything about it. Don’t let that happen. By investing in commercial umbrella insurance in Phoenix, you can extend the limits on your coverage.

How Do You Pick One?

Look for a trusted insurance provider. Online research will help you put together a list of firms that provide the insurance products you need. You want to choose a provider that can get you properly insured.

What Do You Look For?

A reputable insurance provider will take the time to assess your condition and specific coverage needs. After which, the firm will offer insurance products or solutions that can address your needs.

How Much Will You Pay?

Small businesses often pay an average between $500 to $1,500 every year for the cost of commercial umbrella coverage. However, if you’ve got a bigger or small enterprise, those figures can change and may cost more or less.

Is Your Industry a Factor?

Yes. The industry you belong to is a major factor and can either lower or increase the cost of your insurance policy. Take companies that work in the field of construction for example. These have some of the highest premiums around, mostly because a lot of falls and accidents on the job happen in these industries. If your firm doesn’t involve that kind of work or generally deals with less risk, then you can look forward to lower premiums for your coverage.

Which Firm is Right for Me?

Aside from the insurance products, notice the way the firm treats you. If the staff is attentive to your needs and replies to your calls, emails, or texts promptly, then that’s a good sign.
For an insurance provider that matches coverage to your exact needs, call Capital Insurance Services. We offer the best commercial umbrella insurance at the most affordable price in Phoenix.